Suggested Reading For TEOTWAWKI

 ...or Self Sufficient Living

Don't get me wrong, I love Ebooks. They are the best thing since personal computers, BUT if TEOTWAWKI happens or SHTF, or maybe just a local disaster strikes, we might not have the convenience of electricity. There are just some books that I want to have a hard copy of. I have all of the following books in my personal library at this moment, some still need to be printed and bound (yes I have a book binding machine because I'm a nerd like that). I realize that hard copies are vulnerable to fire, flood, etc., so I'd like to put the most important ones (the ones I must have in order to preserve many different foods safely, or the ones I feel are where my personal skill sets are weaker) in a fireproof gun safe.

Or maybe even buy a second fireproof safe. I like the gun safe below, and would like to buy it for us, but don't know a lot about safes except they should be fire and water proof. I have a feeling that there is something I should probably know about how they open or are able to be opened once they are in a fire or flood. Any advice is appreciated--no matter how much time I have, I feel like there is always just too much for one person to research and know!

Health/First Aid

Affordable, easy to use, trustworthy guides from an MD that you can use in case of burn or wound trauma. Put it on your smart phone, print it out, etc.

Food And Drink:


Wild Things:

This is a most excellent book of plants of the pacific northwest. Color photos throughout, professional level identification, but easy enough for the novice to use.  The book points out edible plants, poisonous plants and notes on how Native Americans used plants.  Being a transplant to this area (I'm from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains which is technically a high desert) I used this book to learn about and identify native flora, and used it in homeschooling our girls with great success.

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