Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick Hors d'œuvre: Jalpeno Dip

Yeah, I know, its sort of funny to have a French and a Spanish word in the same title. I took one year of each in school and remember basically nothing of either. 

Regardless, I love jalapeno poppers, but I live 35 minutes from the nearest supply of jalapeno poppers (Fred Meyer). I happened to be cruising Pinterest and came across a fabulous looking "jalapeno popper dip" from Oh wow, did that ever look good. Suddenly I realized I had Laughing Cow cheese wedges, Ritz crackers and pickled jalapenos on hand. The very simple recipe follows:

Jalapeno Dip

• 1 wedge Laughing Cow Original Creamy Swiss Cheese Spread
• 1 - 2  pickled jalapeno slices depending on your taste
• 10 Ritz crackers or crackers of your choice


Unwrap Laughing Cow cheese wedge placing it on a small plate. **NOTE:  Do not touch your face while working with jalapenos or other hot peppers, and either wear rubber gloves or wash hands immediately after working with peppers.** Get your pickled jalpeno slice(s) from the jar, place on cutting board and proceed to chop very fine.  Scoop up jalapeno pieces and put them on the plate with the cheese spread.  Use a fork to mash and distribute the jalapeno into the cheese spread.  Spread on crackers and serve. 

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