Friday, October 26, 2012

Dehydrating Marshmallows

Yes,  I am dehydrating marshmallows.  I like marshmallows, I just prefer them dried out, same as my cookies.  I prefer my water frozen too, but that's a whole 'nother blog.  At any rate, I put the marshmallows on a low setting, about 125 degrees because I'm afraid they'll melt at a higher temp.  Can't wait to see how they turn out.  Have you ever dehydrated anything some might consider "strange

Update on the Marshmallows:  After a good 12 hours at 125 degrees, they still are not satisfactorily dry yet, but are getting there.  The outside is dried out enough now that I feel comfortable turning up the heat a bit to about 145 without fear of melted marshmallow goo all over my dehydrator. 
Mr. F did say this was the probably one of the stranger things I have done....he doesn't know me as well as he thinks he does, lol. 

Final update...

on the dehydrated marshmallows: success!  After drying them for about a day, I had to leave them sitting in the turned off dehydrator for a few hours before the centers would harden and they were completely dehydrated.  They have the consistency and texture of freeze dried ice cream, can be broken in pieces and are very light.  After Mr. F was done laughing and tried one, he pronounced them backpack worthy and thinks he will take some with him on his next trip. 

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