Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog Hop Herbal/Self Sufficient Living

Yes! A Blog Hop on incorporating herbs into day-to-day life. I submitted my Plums to Prunes post. It may not be an herb, but we all know what plums and prunes are good for.  From one of the hosts of the Blog Hop: : "Please share your stories on how you incorporate herbs into day-to-day life. We welcome anything and everything herbal – from crafts to cleaning to tinctures to cooking. Home remedies for common ailments are especially appreciated.

Self-sufficient living and back-to-basics tips to save food, money, and resources are great, too – if it involves traditional methods of homemaking and home healing then we want to read about it! Maybe you’ve got a sweet stillroom, a beautiful herb garden or a handy cold frame – tell us about it."   

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